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''Life in the making'


New Beginnings Midwifery will support you to have the pregnancy and birth you want,

making sure you are fully informed and aware of your options for pregnancy, labour and birth

and after your baby is born. 

About Us

Your Midwives



I have had the privilege of working with many families over the last 15 years since 2002 as a midwife.


It is an honour to be alongside a woman and her whanau as they experience pregnancy and childbirth.


I'm passionate about working with and empowering women through their birth experience. I view life as a gift from God and am privileged to work with families as they welcome their new members into the world.


I have been a midwife for 20 years and am passionate about great postnatal care. I am excited to support and provide postnatal care to New Beginnings Midwifery families.


I love working with women and their families through this special time in their lives. There is something amazing about watching families grow and supporting them to have the best possible start.

NGAIRE VA'A  is currently living in Japan and will return to us in 2019.

I am a Maori/European midwife that has been practicing since 2005. I have worked at both the Hutt and Wellington DHBs but have been working in the community since 2012. I love working in the community and am privileged to share in the pregnancy and birth experiences of women and their whanau.

Our Mission

At New Beginnings our mission is to provide safe midwifery care to women and their babies 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. We work hard to ensure that care is individualised to each woman and their baby and that women have our support to have the pregnancy and birth they want, making sure they are fully informed and aware of their options for pregnancy, labour and birth and after their baby is born. 

Women will have the benefit of team midwifery care throughout their pregnancy, labour and postnatal journey. New Beginnings is an experienced, established practice that work in complete partnership so over the course of the pregnancy, women will get to know each of us very well. We will alternate weekly so there will be midwives on call for urgent care and births, a midwife for antenatal care and a midwife for postnatal care. 

We have decided to work this way as we feel it will have many positives including less stress for women being cared for by an unknown "back-up" midwife, appointments not being rescheduled due to births and urgent care and less burnout from 24/7 on call work, so women and their babies will have safe, considered,  well-balanced midwifery care. 

Midwifery Services

Antenatal Care

All care provided is planned and negotiated with you and your family and is ongoing, individual and appropriate to your needs. We will arrange any blood tests, ultrasounds scans etc and will provide you with information in order to make informed decisions regarding screening and diagnostic tests. 
Our clinic is on Level 1, MacKay House, 92 Queens Drive,

Lower Hutt.

The normal schedule of visits are 4 weekly from booking to 28 weeks, fortnightly to 36 weeks and then weekly until birth.

Labour and Birth

We provide labour and birth care at Te Awakairangi Birthing Centre and at the Hutt Hospital, High St, Lower Hutt. Delivery Suite and Postnatal are on Level 2 of the main hospital building. If it is outside of normal hours, you will need to come through the Emergency Department Entrance. 

Postnatal Care

We provide midwifery care in your home to you and your baby for 4-6 weeks. Appointments are scheduled according to your individual needs and you will be referred to the Well Child provider of your choice.


"I  know I said well done yesterday - but what I meant to say was thank you for supporting our family the way you have in order to facilitate the safe arrival of our wee boy"

"Thanks for delivering our baby son safely and in such a calm and loving manner.  We couldn't be more grateful.  You guys are one hell of a team!"

“Thanks for all you have done to bring my beautiful daughter into this world. All of your advice and hard work is most appreciated”



The information provided below is a guideline to assist you and your family to make informed decisions regarding your care.

Congratulations on your Pregnancy!

Labour and Birth


Contact us

Our clinic:

Level 1, MacKay House

92 Queens Drive

Lower Hutt.

Email: contactus@newbeginningsmidwiferyhv.com

Phone: 0508 643 943

0508 MIDWIFE (643 943)

Jill Adamson, Kim Billaney, Deborah Murphy, Vanessa Nicol, Lauren Rowe and Ngaire Va'a who is currently in Japan and will return to us in 2019.

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